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2017 Swimming Pool Trends In California

//2017 Swimming Pool Trends In California

Owning your own swimming pool has gone from being a luxury for the wealthy to an affordable convenience for the majority. According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, there are 10.6 million residential pools in the United States. The number of people interested in a residential swimming pool has been steadily growing. If you are in the market to buy a pool installed or are interested in renovating your existing pool, make sure to check out what designs and features are holding the top spots in popularity.


According to the CDC, the most popular activity for youth between the ages of 7 and 17 is swimming. This may be an influence behind one of the 2017 pool trends in California, which is installing a pool with an even depth. Instead of the classic design with shallow water on one end and deep water on the other, the ‘sports pool’ keeps the same depth throughout. Some sports pools have shallow ends that quickly turn into deep water, where others maintain an even depth throughout. This design makes it easier to play traditional pool games that are common throughout youth in America. Some examples include Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo, or simply playing catch with a pool ball.


Adding the element of fire beside a pool has been around for a while. However, this year it’s becoming even hotter! The traditional fire bowl has grown obsolete. A popular design for fire features is to build a compact fire on top of a decorative pillar or two. You may see the addition of fire inside new rock features, or torches staked around the water. 2017 has brought new wind to this traditional design. You can use your own creativity to imagine and create the perfect fire feature for your pool.


You may have heard of people locking their cars with their smartphones, setting up home security using their smartphones, or even having an entire work meeting via Facetime. Now, you can control the settings to your pool from your smartphone. This new trend is quickly becoming a favorite. Gone are the days of having to fiddle around with water temperatures, manually start the jets, or keep adjusting the patio lights. There are multiple smartphone apps that can connect in with a swimming pool which allows you to even choose which app you prefer. Swimming has never been more convenient.


Another technological advancement that is rapidly growing in popularity is automation. You can now automate your pool pumps, turn the heat on and off, and you can even automate your pool cover. These functions can even be programmed in your smartphone. Instead of only being able to control lights and jets, your smartphone can allow you to start your pool maintenance without ever having to move from your couch.


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