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How To Deal With Suntan Lotion In Swimming Pools?

//How To Deal With Suntan Lotion In Swimming Pools?


Lotions and oils can cause a great damage to swimming pools including making the pool water form sheen on it and suffers clarity and dullness as well the pool develops films in its corners In order to curb effects of lotions and oils in swimming pools, below are some ways on how to minimize lotions and oils in swimming pools:


Prevention is always the best measure as it ensures no lotions or oils in the water. Prevention, in this case, entails ensuring that your patrons just before getting in the pool they shower. It is easy to say this but to ensure it is followed, you can have posters around and inside locker rooms as part of showering rules. Offering education as well to the patrons on the need of showering before swimming and its importance in preventing oils and lotions in water can also do in prevention.


This measure entails taking action on the already oils and lotions in the water when operating an outdoor pool. Swimmers will most likely reapply sunscreen before getting into the pool and therefore action is based preparing the pool water to deal with the lotions and oils. To start with, add an enzyme routinely to the water as treatment such as FilterAid which aids filters to scrub out any smaller particles and ZymePure additive which minimizes films and oils in the water. The enzyme used should be of high quality such that it can break oils and lotions to allow them to be sent to the filters. For busy days it is recommended you use more of the enzyme but getting the enzyme before swimmers in the water would do better.


The things to consider to ensure proper filtration are checking if the flowing rate of water to the filters is proper also is the flow rate turnover correct. Also consider is your backwashing on pressure rather than based on the schedule and if there is any channeling. Filtration measure requires you evaluate if there is any filtration issues and put correction measures across. For clear and clean water, filtration plays a major role.

More filtration

This measures follows after ensuring all the mechanics are good. More filtration considers media of filtration which are the filters. Cartridge filters always require stand by clean substitutes to ensure the pool has a reduced down time in case of filters failure. The cartridge should as well be cleaned with enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for the cartridges. In case the situation in the pool is severe such that filters are not able to solve, you can use filter additives to improve the efficiency of the media filtering.

This four tips save on money, energy and time which could be spend on water replacement and loss. Therefore, do the best by first dosing your swimming pool water with strong enzyme as treatment and have filtering systems functioning properly with the clean filtering media.