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How To Make The Swimming Pool Safe

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How to make swimming pool safe

It is nice to have a swimming pool in the backyard for the hottest days of the summer. Taking a swim and splashing the cool water around is a great way to cool off and have some family fun. But owning a swimming pool comes with the overwhelming responsibility of safety. It is important that in order for you and your family and friends to enjoy the pool, you must make the pool and surrounding area safe for your children, as well as your pets.

Drowning accidents are extremely dangerous and prevalent, as a split second can be the difference between life and death when someone has gone underwater and is unable to recover on their own. Some people are lucky enough to be pulled out of the water and with the help of CPR, the water in the lungs can be coughed up, with no significant loss of oxygen in the body. In more unfortunate cases, individuals who are without air underwater for too long can suffer from brain damage from lack of oxygen, the lungs would fill with water, all of which could result in serious injury, or even worst, death. By installing and utilizing different pool safety tools, you could prevent an un-welcomed tragedy from ruining your family fun.

Pool Fence

Most jurisdictions actually enforce a policy that requires any homeowner with a pool on their property to install a fence around their property. By securing the premises fully, you are establishing a boundary that designates your private property. This not only keeps children from wandering onto your property and accidentally or purposefully getting in your pool unattended, but it also keeps children in the area from easily walking too far away.

The only bad thing about a fence is the added expense involved. Unlike other safety tools such as covers and nets , a fence is a permanent fixture that is costly to purchase and have installed. In fact, this is probably one of the most expensive options.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are good for shutting off underground and above ground pools. They are usually green and look something like a trampoline base. Covering the pool with a cover is a great way to keep someone from accidentally falling or climbing into the pool. It will also help to ward off the neighborhood kids who maybe tempted otherwise to take an uninvited dip in your pool.

One the other hand, if someone manages to get under the cover and get into the pool anyways, the situation could go from bad to worst quickly. A situation involving someone in the water under the cover is very serious because they cannot be seen. That makes it difficult to simply jump in and help them. Also, the amount of oxygen under the cover is insufficient for breathing. This means that when the person tries to come up for air, they are restricted. Furthermore, the cover can be heavy to lift from underneath, so it could actually push the swimmer underwater, especially a small child or pet- causing them to drown.


You can select from pressure sensitive, perimeter, gate and wearable alarms in order to alert you when someone may be in the area of the pool. Which option you choose depends on your specific needs and the pother types pf protective measures you plan to employ and pair with your alarms. The best thing about an alarm is that you know for sure you will always be alerted when there is any sort of motion or activity near the pool. You will have peace knowing you do not have to physically and visually check the pool in order to monitor the pool constantly. The alarm does the monitoring for you, all you have to do is wait to be alerted then check on the situation.

One of the things that may not be appealing about are lying on an alarm is the fact that both humans and animals will trigger the alarm. That means you are susceptible to receiving false alerts frequently throughout the day and night. This can be irritating, especially if you are wearing the alarm.


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