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Medical Benefits Of The Home Spa

//Medical Benefits Of The Home Spa
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Soaking in a tub full of hot water can bring about many different health benefits, from physical to psychological. But most bathtubs are too small to relax in comfortably and the water doesn’t often stay hot enough to hang out for long. 

A Hot Solution

Get your own at-home spa! The water stays at a consistently warm temperature and there’s plenty of room to stretch out; two things your poo old bathtub can’t give you. Installations of spas in Simi Valley are heating up, due to the multiple health benefits.


The hot water and pressure from the jets can help people with a variety of ailments, including:

  • Diabetes – Soaking in the warm water can lower blood sugar in those with Type 2 diabetes.
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain – Muscle relaxation is imminent as the continued and consistent warmth sets deep into areas that don’t usually get warmed.
  • Back Pain – When immersed in hot water, the central nervous system grants temporary relief to parts of your body that are experiencing pain.
  • High Blood Pressure – The hot water warms your blood and increases the flow, which will cause your blood pressure to lower.
  • Cardiovascular Health and Weight Loss – The heat of the water can stimulate the effects of exercise on the heart and body without raising blood pressure.
  • Common Cold – Elevated body temperatures can trigger the immune system to help you recover from a cold much quicker than usual.


Spas can relieve mental stress in many ways. Just sitting in the warm water is a relaxing experience as the water flows over your weightless body. Turning on the jets gives you the added benefits of a massage so your stress levels can decrease dramatically.

After you reduce the stress, chances are you’ll sleep better at night. But when it comes to a hot soak, your body temperature will rise and then begin lower when you get out. This combination is guaranteed to bring about better sleep.

A Spa For You

Fantasy Spas are perfect for anyone looking to improve their health. Easy to install and in a variety of models to choose from, you’ll reap the benefits in style. Start feeling, and living, better with a little heat, a little water, and a whole lot of relaxation.