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Pool Maintenance Cost In Ventura County CA

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If you own a pool, pool maintenance is a very key requirement. When pools are neglected they become frog’s residence as well as mosquitoes build up in them and aesthetic and health issues develop. Pool maintenance becomes easy and less expensive if done regularly. Hiring professional maintenance pool services will care for everything in your pool including closing and opening your pool during all the seasons. Most of the maintenance services cost between $100 and $75. The cost of maintaining a pool in Ventura County currently is estimated as follows depending on the cost the equipment required to perform the type of maintenance:

For best maintenance you only need to follow written simple directions.

1.) Skimmer

A skimmer costs about $7. Skimmers are shallow nets attached to light, long poles. They are used for skimming water debris from the surface of the water. Skimming takes approximately 20 minutes but also depends on the amount of debris present in the water and the pool size. Skimming should be done on your pool daily or in two days. Unskimmed debris in the pool would result to permanent stain in liner of the pool.

2.) Chlorine

Chlorine tablets costs differently according to the pool size as a pool 3 inch tablet costs between $70 and $60. Container of liquid chlorine two-gallon costs around $7.50. Chlorine is very essential for every swimming pool. It is used in neutralizing harmful bacteria. The chlorine can be added to routine management program or else inserted in time-release or floating dispensers.

3.) Muriatic Acid

A gallon of muriatic acid costs $7.70. This acid is used to lower pH levels of the pool. This helps keep the pool clean as well as fighting buildup of minerals and prevent blooming of bacteria. Using much of the acid may cause stinging of your skin, eyes or nose or else damage the pool. Before adding the acid, the manufacturer’s directions should be followed to the later.

4.) Soda ash

A soda ash container 6 pounds costs approximately $8. Soda ash is essential in combating excess acid. It raises pH levels of the pool as it neutralizes muriatic acid negative effects. Too much of the soda ash builds up minerals in the pool as well as encourage thriving of bacteria in the pool.

5.) Testing kit

A test kit costs $15. A kit aids in gauging pool’s pH levels which is done by adding some chemicals to water sample. Most of the kits test for acidity, alkalinity, bromide and chlorine. The testing solutions should be replaced periodically and such replacements a complete set goes for $8.

6.) Filters

The price of a filter cartridge for replacement depends on capacity and size. Basic 4.25 inch cartridge goes for $13 with a single 10 inch cartridge going for about $75. If using sand filters, the sand should be replaced after every three years. Sand 50 pound container costs approximately $12.


Maintaining the pool on your own is less costly. It even takes a shorter time especially if you perform it regularly. Regularly maintenance aids in spotting any problem as early as possible. Try buying the chemicals and apply them by yourself to save on cash and time. Consider using pool covers for your pool as it will protect the pool from debris when not in use and also will save you money.


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