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Swimming Pool Contractor In Simi Valley


If you live in Simi Valley CA, you understand how hot it gets during summer months. The temperature allows folks to enjoy the recreational use of swimming pools most of the year. You may find yourself heading to the Rancho Simi Community Pool to cool off, or you may use your own personal pool. Don’t have a personal pool? You may be interested in building your own personal backyard pool to cool off whenever you want.

The Building Process

There are many steps involving the construction of a swimming pool. Your best bet will be to hire some professionals to make sure all the steps are done correctly and nothing is missed.

The first step is designing the pool. Will it be and above ground pool or below ground pool? What type of shape will it have? Will there be a slide or any other extras installed with the pool? These are some things you will be discussing upon hiring the right company to build your pool for you. They will design your pool and give you an overall estimate of what it will cost.

The second step is obtaining a building permit. Your contractor should handle all of this for you and abide by all the local requirements. No construction can begin without the construction permit.

Once the permit is received, the work can begin. The next step is the excavation of the area. For inground pools, a huge hole must be dug to house the pool itself. This is done with excavators and other machinery. When the hole is completely dug, the bottom must be surfaced. This will ensure the ground is flat.

The next step is framing the walls. The walls need to be framed up accordingly to be able to hold the pool liner later in the building process. This is usually done with wood and metal rebar.

Once the walls are framed, the plumbing and electricity will need to be done. Your contractor should have these people ready when the step arises. This all should be built in to the total cost.

When the plumbing and electricity is done, the actual pool floor and walls will need to be made. This works by pouring a thick layer of concrete at the bottom to create the floor. The walls are usually made by stacking cinder blocks the entire length and width of the pool. These blocks are held in place by the rebar.

The next step in the process is installing the liner. You will have some options with this step. The most common options are a basic pool liner, a real tile covering, plaster coatings and a sprayed plastic coating. Your pool builder will give you the specifics on each.

Next comes the final touches to the walls. This is often the backfill behind the walls to ensure no shifting or sliding occurs. The walls are then topped off with decorative protection on the outside edges to hid the work done below.

The final step is then filling the pool with water and inviting your friends and family over to take a dip.

The Price

The price will vary with contractor and Pool Building Service, but the average price to build a full pool is around $20,000 – $28,000 dollars. Again, depending on size, depth and company you are working with, the price could be more or less.

What to Look for and Where to Find a Pool Building Company

There are more than likely many pool building services in Simi Valley CA. Search for them using the internet and typing in your area code. The local companies will come up on your search.

When deciding which company to go with there are a few things you will need to look for. These things include:

Packages: What does the company provide altogether as their service and what it includes

Track Record: Research if the company you are looking at has a good standing behind it. Good reviews and so forth.

Workmanship: Does the company provide excellent, one of a kind workmanship and will they build you the pool of your dreams

Professionalism: Does the company offer a good professional service. How do they set themselves apart from other pool builders out there.

Cost: You know the averagecost of building a pool from scratch, make sure the company you hire gives you a fair, competitive price. If they want to build your pool for $100,000 dollars, they may not be a good company to go with for personal pools

Pool building is an extensive process. Make sure you hire the right people to build a great pool for you to enjoy. Follow the above steps when researching solid pool building companies to choose from. In the end, make sure get something that is worth the price you pay for it.

NuVision Pools has been building swimming pools in Simi Valley for many years. We strive for the best customer experience. Give us a try! You won’t regret it.