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As the most frequently requested addition to any swimming pool, a spa provides many tangible benefits that make it well worth the investment. Whether health, aesthetic or simply fun, a spa can be both beautiful and functional, adding an extra layer of excitement to any new pool build or renovation.

Health Benefits

After a long day of work, a spa can be one of the best remedies to sooth aching muscles, provide mental relaxation and steam away anxiety. At NuVision, we can build your spa with different jet variations that can act as your own personal, backyard masseuse. The calming quiet and warm steam will melt away concerns and provide you with an unmatched way to unwind and escape from life’s stresses.

Aesthetic Benefits

A spa can also greatly add to the creation of a peaceful atmosphere in your backyard. Our spas can be customized with stunning spillovers, eye-catching tile designs, or lively bubblers. As an extension of the pool, a spa can add that extra element of splendor that makes your backyard incredibly unique. Plus, many of these spa features can create an incredible auditory effect that is soothing and gentle to make your backyard into a true oasis. 


In addition to the health and aesthetic benefits, spas can be fun! Spas are a natural magnet for social gathering and will make your backyard the place everyone wants to be. Entertaining guests is easier than ever with this perfect place to congregate during chilly summer evenings and warm spring afternoons.