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Swimming Pool Contractor In Granada Hills CA

/Swimming Pool Contractor In Granada Hills CA

Granada Hills CA is situated at the foot hills of Santa Susana Mountains and is inhabited by a light population of diverse yet high-income community. The temperature is relatively warm averaging 62.75 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, a pool in the backyard is a great idea for relaxation and recreation in the warm weather.


The cost of building an in-ground swimming pool in Granada Hills CA

The construction of in-ground pools is expensive because it consumes a lot of time, labor, and supplies. However, the high cost is only felt when you compare in-ground pools to above-ground pools. The average cost of building a new swimming pool is around $35K in the area. The cost will be influenced by the material used, size, and design.


Concrete units are more expensive than their vinyl or fiberglass counterparts. The vinyl shell is cheaper compared to the fiberglass shell.

Size, depth and design

A large and deep pool with a sophisticated design will cost more than a small but simple pool.


When evaluating the cost of constructing an in-ground pool, always check to see if regulations around your areas impose taxes on pool owners. Ground pools can also raise property taxes.

Installation time

It can take 6-8 weeks to install a ground unit. However, this will also depend on the contractor and the season. Sometimes the degree of difficulty will influence the occurrence of construction problems. Some problems can delay the completion of the pool.

Consider Durability

While the cost of installation is critical, remember that durability equally matters. The materials used in pool construction differ in durability.

The modern fiberglass pools have a layer of gel-coat that makes them very durable. The gel-coat improves the quality of finish on the visible surface of fiberglass pools. The modern gel-coat will last for decades if not a lifetime. Concrete pools are the most durable but need resurfacing approximately every 10-15 years, and this is often expensive. For the vinyl pool, you may need to replace the liner after every nine years. The cost of relining a vinyl pool is quiet high.

Building an in-ground pool in your yard will add a touch of elegance to your home also it can increase your property value by 5%. The pool will create a source of entertainment and provide a place for workout and entertainment.