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Water Features

/Water Features

At NuVision Pools, we are experts in designing custom water features. Creating a stunning effect for any pool environment, water features can add a unique touch of creativity as well as a relaxing sound effect. There are many different types of water features to choose from, with the most popular being laminars, deck jets, fire/water bowls and bubblers.

Deck Jets are an eye-catching, yet affordable, water feature many pool owners choose to incorporate into their pool design. Commonly installed in multiples, deck jets eject water in an arc from the pool deck into the pool to add a beautiful visual, as well as auditory, effect.

Laminars are very similar to deck jets, but look cleaner, more elegant and are more expensive. Also installed in pool decks, laminars produce a single stream of undisrupted water in an arc to add an unmatched level of luxury to any backyard environment. Laminars can also be lit for a stunning nighttime effect.

Fire/Water Bowls are increasingly popular features that also offer diverse looks, prices, shapes and sizes. Typically available in materials such as concrete, bronze or copper, water bowls are elevated to spill over into the pool or spa. Many water bowls are also available with a fire feature that can be turned on a night.

Bubblers are another more affordable feature that offers a striking effect in your pool. Usually installed in multiples, bubblers are actually jets installed flush in a pool shelf or bench that eject water vertically. With paired with a variable speed pump, you can also control the height of the bubblers and sound level.

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